October 3, 2012

The Art of Giving, 2012 Wine Label Fundraiser

This is a painting is did for the (no name) art group's 3rd annual Art of Giving wine label exhibit and fundraiser. The beneficiary of this fundraiser is Philabundance, a charity that is fighting hunger and malnutrition in Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley area.
Tessa Guzé, Celebrate 2012 Wine Label, Oil on canvas,
40 artists have participated, each creating a different label on the same theme, "Inspiration: The Love of Place". My painting is titled "Celebrate" and is inspired by the Dogon festivals in Mali. The Dogon people have various festivals were the men dress up in costumes and masks. They take place at varying intervals some only once every 12 years and the purpose is the binding of the spiritual world to the living world. During the Dama festivals the men go into caves and mourn the deaths that have occurred over the past 12 years and carve their masks. Then they don the masks and dance for five days. These masks now have the power to drive away evil spirites. To see the link to my wine label please click here.
Tessa Guzé, 2012 Wine Label In Context

Here are a few examples of other artists wine labels. 
E Bond, 2012 Wine Label
E Bond, a Moore Alum, designer and professor at Moore College of Art and Design.
Linda Mehnert, 2012 Wine Label
 A beautiful piece by Linda Mehnert.

Christina Hess, 2012 Wine Label
 Christina Hess, a professional illustrator and a former professor of mine at Moore College of Art & Design.
Deborah Larkin, 2012 Wine Label
Deborah Larkin, designer and another former professor of mine at Moore.

To see all 40 wine labels please visit the (no name) art group's website. You can purchase bottles of wine here with your choice of wine label. There is only a small window to make your purchases and a limited amount of wine so please make any purchases before Oct. 7th. 

For anyone living in the Philadelphia area there is going to be an reception on November 11th, 3-7pm at Encore Lounge, 112 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106. For more details click here

To see more similar work please visit my painting portfolio website or my fine arts blog. Thank you!