April 13, 2012

Memory Portrait

Tessa Guze, Lady in Blue, oil on canvas,  6" x 8"
This is a portrait of the lady who lived next door to the school where I taught in Jaipur, India. Our school was really just the space between two peoples houses with a tarp as a roof to keep rain and sun out. Every morning, this lady and the rest of her family would step over my students when they needed to come and go from their house.
My tiny school, its the space between the buildings under the blue tarp.

My students trying to fix an extra tarp on our school to shield us from the summer sun.
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April 2, 2012


Tessa Guze, Relaxation, oil on canvas,

This is a painting I did after visiting a Sea Salt Water Sauna in Yeonggwang and Hampyeong, Korea. It was my first trip to a sauna since coming to Korea. It was a wonderful relaxing experience but I also found it really beautiful. When they first put the hot stones in the water the room was filled with so much steam that you could see nothing at all, not even your own hands. Than slowly the steam faded and the other people around you emerged.

This painting is currently on display at the Gwangju International Center in Gwangju, Korea.

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